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Thirsk's information centre

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Thirsk's information centre in the Market Place is closed but volunteers are on duty from home 10am to 4pm every day except Sunday. We want to help you with anything, whether you are a visitor or local resident. Phone 01845 522755 or email info@visitthirsk.uk

If you would like regular free copies of this newspaper or want to print it see www.visitthirsk.uk/whatson

We distribute information. It could be news of a bargain deal or a favourite walk, or maybe a service or product you are offering as a business – be sure to let us know.

If you have something to tell the community send it to

A testing time

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If you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), you can now ask for a test to check if you have the virus (not under 5s). This is called an antigen test.

There is another type of test (antibody test) that checks if you've already had the virus but this is not available yet.

You can ask for a test
 - for yourself, if you have coronavirus symptoms now

 - for someone you live with, if they have coronavirus symptoms

If you're asking for a test for someone else and the person is aged 13 or over, check they're happy for you to ask for a test for them.

When to ask for a test
You need to have the test in the first 5 days of having symptoms but it's best to ask for the test in the first 3 days, as it may take a day or two to arrange.

What the test involves
The test usually involves taking a swab of the inside of your nose and the back of your throat, using a long cotton bud. You can do the swab yourself or someone can do it for you.

Will I get a test?
There is a very high demand for tests at the moment. People in hospital and essential workers, including NHS and social care staff, are getting priority. Even if you are successful in requesting a test, you might not get one. It depends on how many tests are available each day in different parts of the country.

How do I ask for a test?
You can ask for a test online. You will be asked:

 - how you want to get the test – you may be able to choose between driving to a regional testing site or getting a home test kit

 - for details such as your name, mobile phone number and address

Important: please help the NHS and only ask for a test if you or someone you live with has symptoms now. These are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
Remember: no symptoms=no test.

If you have symptoms, apply for a test at

Essential workers have different arrangements. See

Please help

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Moved bin collections

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Waste and recycling collections will be one day late across Hambleton this week.

Collections roll forward one day to cope with the bank holiday on Mon 25 May, with Friday collections now taking place on Saturday 30 May.

Order your books

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From Mon 1 Jun White Rose Books in Thirsk will be taking orders for collection. The doors will be closed. Email sales@whiterosebooks.co.uk or telephone (Mon, Thu, Fri or Sat 10am-4pm)
01845 524353

Changes 1st June

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From Mon 1 Jun Hambleton car parks will not be free of charge any more, you'll need to pay the usual charges. Note that parking for one hour in Thirsk Market Place is free. The Government has announced its intention to allow outdoor markets to reopen from June 1, subject to all premises being made COVID-secure, but we cannot confirm yet when Thirsk's market will be open for stalls other than food.

For the over 70s

Does easing restrictions apply to healthy 70 year olds and over?

The following is the current exact Government advice, see tinyurl.com/y7kx7wdh

The advice for those aged 70 and over continues to be that they should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside their household.

If they do go out more frequently, they should be careful to maintain distance from others. They and everyone should continue to comply with any general social distancing restrictions.

We know that those aged 70 and over can be absolutely fit and healthy and it’s not the case that everybody over 70 has a chronic health condition or an underlying disease.

But unfortunately, we also know that as you get older, there is a higher risk of coronavirus having a more serious impact with infection. Complications and deaths are more common in the elderly, even those without pre-existing conditions.

Anyone who has been advised to shield by the NHS or their GP, including those 70 and over, should continue to do this until at least the end of June.

Thirsk Youth Dance Company

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Coming up on Sat 6 Jun and Wed 10 Jun are live Zoom workshops for young people aged 9-16yrs in Thirsk. (No previous dance experience needed).

Once it's safe to do so this youth dance company will resume meeting one Saturday afternoon a month for high energy inspiring contemporary dance workshops. These include a fun warm up, technique class, creative choreographic work, partner lifts & group work. For information email Katy Hewison at

Just Plants Thirsk

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This is a new business, founded only a few days ago. It is a retail outlet selling high-quality bedding and perennial plants produced on-site by a leading UK grower. They offer garden plants for all seasons and will be open at weekends 10am-4pm for the next few months. You'll find them on the A19 towards York, just outside Thirsk. Email contact@justplantsthirsk.co.uk or phone
07375 352737

Thirsk and Sowerby Festival on the Flatts

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Only for this year The Festival on the Flatts is cancelled. Next year will see the return of many events & celebrations and the organisers look forward to bringing back the festival of all Festivals in August 2021.

City Tailors, Thirsk

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City Tailors in Finkle Street, Thirsk, are busy making masks for everyone's safety. The new fabric is reusable and washable, 100 % cotton for extra protection, inside a lining which covers any size you want.

Sizes available: Adults large( for big men) £5 each or 4 masks for £15.. Adults medium (ladies or skinny men) £5 each or 4 masks for £15. Teenage (13 to 18) £2.50 each and kids (4 to 12) £2.50 each. Phone
01845 525636

Do you run a business?

Hambleton District Council would like to know how coronavirus has affected you. They want to understand how local businesses are being impacted by the coronavirus so they can help with economic recovery.

Please complete the survey at the link below by Friday 5 June 2020.

Rubbish back to normal hours

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Most Household Waste Recycling Centres in North Yorkshire are open and have now reverted to their normal hours of 8:30am to 5pm everyday except Wednesdays. West Harrogate is open seven days a week. Harrogate Stonefall is still closed.

There are local recycling centres in Sowerby, Northallerton, Leeming Bar, Ripon and Tholthorpe.

Ritz Cinema Thirsk in 1999

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See people you know in this 21-year old video of the Ritz Cinema from Sky Movies. Starring are Mo Penson (traffic warden), Freda Roberts, John Potter, David Humphries, Graham Denison, Michelle I'Anson and others. Watch at

The people doing the science

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Labs across the country have converted to the genetic sequencing of coronavirus samples to help track its mutation and spread.

"We get samples from Public Health England about 10am, then finish about 7pm";
"You look at the diversity in the genome and try to wind the clock back";
"Virus clusters in Wales, for example, had contributions from all over the world - there’s not a single Welsh strain".

Read about it from one of the scientists lending their time and expertise. Go to

Glimpses of Eden

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by local author Jonathan Tulloch

Spring. The crab apple trees still in flower; the hawthorn just bursting into its wedding dress white; birdsong fills the air. And I was lucky enough to be out in the middle of it all. I’d been called on an urgent errand. Lapwings spotted in the fallow field at the far corner of the parish. Not having seen a local lapwing for years, I was quickly on my way. Hurrying down Green Lane, with its drifts of bluebells and stitchwort stars, I soon heard the familiar swooping peewit cries.

It’s a uniquely irrepressible sound that always reminds me of the dreamy voiced, moon-dwelling Clangers from the 1970s television series. There were six lapwings in the middle of the stony, bare field, and when they saw me, they rose into the air. Each bird lifted high, bottle-green back shining in the sun. Then they hurtled down to earth again, only to pull up, just a few feet from the ground, to rise again. They did this time after time, their rollicking black and white wings flashing. I wasn’t the only one watching. Intrigued, a hare lay in the seeding groundsel, his twitching ears a tuning fork catching the perfect pitch of the unlocked-down lapwings’ song – the unforgettable sound of spring.

Help in the community

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This is the new charity which combines The Clock and Thirsk Community Care. They tell us:


Our plans
As you will be aware, the Government have made some changes to the lockdown rules and have indicated that there could be some more changes in June. We are planning to reopen our Community Reuse Store on Wed 17 Jun by implementing a social distancing procedure. Prior to this we will be selling some of our items including Farrow and Ball paint online from Wed 3 Jun.

We are also hoping that we will be able to offer face to face appointments from Wed 17 Jun for issues which we cannot help with over the phone, however these dates will change if the Government’s plans do. If you would like an appointment for an issue which can’t be dealt with over the phone, please contact Oliver on 01845 524494.


Community Works is one of 23 Community Support Organisations working with North Yorkshire County Council.

Our advice to anyone self-isolating is to ask for help from family, friends, neighbours and trusted local groups. For anyone who doesn’t have someone they can call on for help and you live in Thirsk or one of its villages, please ring Community Works on 01845 524494 or 523115 for help with shopping, meals on wheels, food parcels, prescriptions and caring for pets.

If you live in a different area call NYCC on 01609 780780 Mon to Fri 8am to 5.30pm.

We are able to help if you are 70 years old or over, have a long-term condition, are pregnant, have a weakened immune system, have been made temporarily or permanently unemployed as a result of Covid-19, are not entitled to statutory sick pay, are waiting for a new benefit claim to be processed or you are waiting for your first Universal Credit payment or you are self-isolating.

We can also arrange regular telephone calls to anyone who would like them.

Please ring Community Works on 01845 524494 or 523115 for help with
shopping, meals on wheels, food parcels, prescriptions or caring for pets.

For delivery of library books email <81>laurabee13@hotmail.com, see Thirsk Community Library social media or phone 01845 522008 or 07731 928784 (10 to noon, Mon, Tue and Thu).

Tucker Talks

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By courtesy of the Thirsk Weekly News

Calling all Lerts
Yes: each of us must now be a lert! Stay at home is a clear if draconian instruction as a means of stopping people passing on the coronavirus (a word my laptop now recognises and doesn’t underline in pedagogic accusatorial red). As we begin to feel our way out of the strictures of lockdown, we have a greater latitude in our activities. At last our garden centre is resuming trade, albeit initially online only, and one day we may be able to sit in the café there and in other local cafés  and pubs, something we so much took for granted. Schools edge their way towards re-opening for more children. There are more cars parked in the town centre than a few weeks ago. A small level of meeting-up is permitted, as the balance between mind-numbing isolation and keeping us all as safe as possible from infection is adjusted. We now need to make sure that we don’t lose the benefits of seven weeks of unprecedented self-denial. There will be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover, but we can’t go camping or barbecuing there just yet.


What a country. Just imagine: planners identify a pandemic as one of the top four crises that the country could face. Stocks of equipment such as masks are ordered in large numbers, and there is a factory working full-time to meet the orders. Then those at the top have second thoughts, focussed on saving money by letting the stocks run down. The factory closes, and those at the top decide that ordering necessary kit from China, so-called global supply chains, will be OK if there is a crisis. But when that crisis happens, and there is immense demand for supplies, there isn’t enough available and as a consequence the death rate from Covid-19 is higher than it need have been. The arrival of a special planeload of supplies is widely heralded by the government. But I am not writing about this country. If it is any consolation, this is what has just been happening in France. Germany, on the other hand, had supplies available within the country, so they were better placed and suffered fewer extra deaths. The French government saved money, something all governments are expected to do, but the judgement will need reconsideration.

A pandemic is one of the four major risks a nation could face. The others are terrorism, cyberwarfare and a ballistic missile attack, in other words the malice of humankind rather than the chemistry of a virus. These need international co- operation, as does fighting a pandemic. At present the World Health Organisation is paid for by individual countries, and has an advisory role only. It has no teeth and its advice can be ignored. Countries can act politically and cut funding, as America, or rather President Trump, has said it may do. Rationally a strong international health monitoring organisation and international agreement to be bound by its advice offers a more secure future.


The new normal
This is a good time to think. As we manoeuvre our way through the current emergency, minds turn to what will be the new normal after the emergency has subsided, a chance for local people to have a conversation about the big issues locally. This week I am looking at business and tourism, two key drivers in our local economy. In the following articles Guy Baragwanath, the Chair of Thirsk & District Business Association, contributes his thoughts and asks for support for local businesses and John Gallery, Chairman of the Herriot Country Tourism Group previews the new tourism and a new link between visitors and Herriot Country families.


And finally
These are difficult and sometimes depressing times. If this is a bad day, remember that tomorrow always comes, and tomorrow might just be… a good day.

Guy Baragwanath: Business

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For a market town like Thirsk, the past few weeks have seen a vast array of changes to how we shop, interact and use our local amenities: the new normal, like a disaster movie without the zombies. One thing is for certain – life over the next few months will not be the same as before Covid-19. For many businesses this is an uncertain time, with no set timescale to plan for the future stages. All businesses have had to throw the rulebook out of the window.
Accommodation providers have seen bookings cancelled, with no immediate date of when they can open bookings again. One positive for them – many people will be holidaying in Britain for a period of time instead of the cheap package holiday abroad, so the lack of bookings over recent weeks can hopefully fill again in the months to come.
Retailers who have been able to stay open have had to see shop floor layout changes, limited numbers of people in store, and protective screens installed for the cashiers’ safety. Many like pubs and cafés, hairdressers and barbers are still closed and waiting for the OK from the government to trade again.
Despite these changes, it has been so encouraging to see that local people are using our local independent traders, who have shown the flexibility and dynamism that small businesses have over the larger national stores. Knowing your customer is the key to running a successful business and our local businesses have shown they have the ability to still deliver goods and ensure our community is supported in many different ways.
The support mechanisms provided by the government have been crucial for many businesses to continue to trade. Unfortunately there are a number of businesses who fell between the cracks of the support packages. The government said that not all businesses would be able to survive…and sadly that may be the case.
We need to ensure that we continue to support our local independent businesses (predominantly local owners who employ local people, keeping money in the local economy), especially through the next few weeks and months. The national businesses are important to our high streets. Internet businesses may well be able to provide items at a slightly lower price than we could buy in town, but often become a faceless business putting pressure on smaller shops. We need to try and find a balance between convenience and looking out for the little guy.
The Thirsk & District Business Association will continue to work closely with strategic partners including our town and district council to ensure Thirsk is supported wherever possible, through networking, spreading of knowledge and recommendations and referrals.
My key message; keep Thirsk a vibrant market town with fantastic independent businesses so that we do not lose our identity when we come out of the other side of our real-life blockbuster movie.

John Gallery: Tourism

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Herriot Country Tourism Group is the collective of tourism businesses based at the World of James Herriot. For 2020 the big push is to capitalise on the Channel 5 TV remake of All Creatures Great and Small that is scheduled for the autumn. The original series in the 1970s was one of the most popular and longest running of its time and there are high hopes for a similar outcome for this new series especially following the great success of the Yorkshire Vet based at the same veterinary surgery as James Herriot’s in its 21st century location.
The coronavirus crisis has completely stopped visitors to the World of James Herriot of around 38,000 per year, 30% of whom were from overseas. We expect that inbound visitor numbers to the UK will take a long time to recover as will UK visits for overseas holidays. So, predictions are that domestic tourism will be in demand, for both safety and financial reasons, and Herriot Country members are now preparing for the recovery.
The World of James Herriot has geared up for social distancing for visitors to the attraction and Herriot Country members are also working toward the VisitEngland ‘kitemark’ that will give visitors confidence that the places and establishments that they visit and stay have taken all the necessary measures to provide a safe and enjoyable holiday or short break.
Numbers may be lower than in the past, but the rural countryside around Thirsk is perfect for the ‘new tourism’, from the North York Moors National Park, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, to the pretty villages and market towns. Visitors will be able to see the many locations that are in the original and the new TV series and, unlike large city destinations, social distancing will be more easily achieved.
At Herriot Country Tourism our priority is to share the many home-grown products and services available and to encourage visitors to experience them and take them home to share with their friends and relatives.
We’ll be encouraging too the local community to engage with the visitors. Once the restrictions on everyone have been eased, we’ll embark on a new initiative inviting people to ‘Live a Little of Herriot Country’ where visitors can adopt a Herriot Country family and experience the area with local people who will guide them to places that will provide insights into living in Herriot Country as well as the attractions, but reducing pressure on tourist hot spots and helping to protect the environment that people have come to see.
The new world order following the coronavirus crisis may just return us to some of the values and attitudes that prevailed in that now bygone era so vividly recalled in Alf Wight’s James Herriot stories.

Yorkshire Vet special

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The Peter Wright story will be on Channel 5 next Tuesday, 26 May at 8pm.

Local food deliveries

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We have checked the latest information about which local businesses are delivering what and how you can order from them. If readers or local businesses have more information to go into next Thursday's edition please let us know by email to news@visitthirsk.uk or phone on 01845 518187.

When deliveries are brought to your home, please observe the usual social distancing rules with delivery staff or volunteers; sanitise deliveries and wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

Johnson’s Butchers, Thirsk
Delivery and collection service to whole YO7 area. Place your orders by phone on 01845 523212 or Facebook, pay by card over the phone. We also supply fish and ready made meals.

Shop open 8am-3pm Mon.-Sat. Closed Sunday.

Lee’s Butchers, Thirsk
Deliveries to Vulnerable People only in Thirsk and Sowerby (not surrounding villages).

Order and pay by card on phone: 01845 522113. Phone orders for collection also available for anyone else at Castlegate shop, open 7am-4pm Mon. to Sat. (Market Place shop closed).

The Greengrocer, Thirsk
Fruit, vegetable, salad and eggs available in £15 or £25 boxes for collection or delivery to YO7 area six days a week. We can’t do specific shopping lists but will substitute a few items on request. Pay by card over phone or contactless card on collection.

Plants and compost can be added if you are ordering fruit & veg.

Shop open from 8am till 4pm. To place orders pop in, or phone us on 01845 527899 in the afternoon.

Carl’s Fruit & Veg
Deliveries are made on: Mon & Sat Thirsk area, Tue-Ampleforth area, Wed-Northallerton area, Thu-Easingwold area. You can also collect from Thirsk market, on Saturdays only.

The boxes are Fruit (£10), Veg (£15) and Salad (£10).

You have to pay via bank transfer before 4pm, two days prior to your agreed delivery date. To place an order send your choices from the above boxes. Be sure to include your address and telephone number. Facebook Messenger: m.me/2166723116754542, Email: carlsflowers@btinternet.com, Tel: 07591 694577.

Westgate, Thirsk, Fish and Chip Shop
Takeaway and delivery to local area. We will email you a menu on request by phone. Telephone orders to 07703 686774 on the day required as soon as possible from lunchtime onwards. Kids menu and Gluten free available on request. Open Mon-Sat 4-9pm, deliveries 5-9pm. Pay by card on phone or exact cash at door by special arrangement. There is a £1 delivery charge on top of menu prices.

Bliss Cafe
Soup, main meals and puddings for the elderly and infirm. Can be delivered frozen or ready to eat within a five mile radius, 7 days a week. Ring two days in advance to discuss your needs,
Phone 07584 633669 or email blisscafe@mail.com. Pay by card over phone, bank transfer or cash by special arrangement. Please phone 8am-1pm.

Upstairs Downstairs delicatessen
Free delivery for orders over £10 of all the produce you’ve seen in the shop; bread, milk, eggs, cakes etc. plus all your home baking needs, ready made hot meals, baked potatoes and sandwiches. To order, or to request list of available products for collection or delivery, phone 01845 526067 or email to emily.boynton8@gmail.com. Shop open for collections 8am-3pm and deliveries made Monday to Saturday. Payment by card over phone preferred or cash by special arrangement.

Tea Time Café
Will deliver delicious homemade baking to YO7 postcode doorsteps on Thursdays. Payment must be made by every Tuesday at 2pm. Flavours change weekly, announced every Friday.

The  bake box contains 1 loaf cake, 4 scones, 4 pieces of traybake and 4 biscuits. You can also order individual options.

Tel. 01845 523869 / 07492 750991, www.teatimeyorkshire.co.uk, rosa@teatimeyorkshire.co.uk

Bianco Ristorante, Thirsk
Deliveries withn a 3 mile radius of the Market Place are now available, along with takaways, 4 to 9pm Wednesday to Sunday. Pizza, pasta, burgers and chicken are available. NHS workers have 10% discount on production of ID. Order online by Messenger at m.me/biancothirsk or phone 01904 412405.

Old Oak Tree, S. Kilvington
Home deliveries to Village only and takeaway meals on Wed. and Friday nights and Sunday lunch. Menus posted on Facebook page on Mondays for the week, ring to order and book a time slot, 01845 523276

Racha Thai Bistro
Takeaways and home deliveries on Tuesdays to Sundays from 5-8pm to Thirsk, Sowerby, Carlton Miniott and South Kilvington. Payment is by card with order over the phone only, tel. 01845 524265. There is a 50% discount for NHS and emergency worker staff who can provide ID. The menu is available on the website www.racha.co.uk

The Old Red House, Carlton Miniott
Home deliveries to Sowerby, Thirsk, Carlton Miniott and Sandhutton, Wed to Sat evenings 5 to 8pm and Sunday lunches. See Facebook and Instagram pages for menus and phone 01845 525769 to book a meal and a time slot.

Local non-food deliveries

Thirsk Garden centre
is not open for public access just yet but the webshop is up and running for click & collect at thirskgardencentre.co.uk/products. Once you have placed your order they will ring you to confirm collection day and time and also let you know the procedure when arriving into the car park (currently Mon to Fri).

Any orders taken over the weekend period will be picked on Monday and they will ring you to arrange collection Monday or Tuesday.

Adam Jackson Plants, Sessay
Take orders for delivery the following week covering Thirsk, surrounding villages and Northallerton. The fixed bundles may differ each week (no compost is available). See the Facebook page AdamJacksonPlants for details. To order send your address, post code, phone number and which bundles you would like. Payment will be taken on delivery in cash or by contactless card. Facebook Messenger: m.me/AdamJacksonPlants, tel: 07743 870205.

Northdale Nurseries for plants
Climbing plants, upright plants, vegetable plants and basket & trailing plants. You complete an order form from the website and email it to northdalehort@aol.com. They will then phone you to arrange payment and delivery time. If you have any problems with that please phone 07873 350478 10am–noon Mon, Wed or Fri to place your order, make payment and book a delivery.

Northdale is registered charity providing training and work-based activities for adults with learning disabilities and or physical disabilities from across the Hambleton and Richmondshire districts of North Yorkshire.

Occasions, Thirsk
An independent card and gift store based in Thirsk is operating through their online website offering a wonderful selection of gifts, homewares and cards. Gifts by Joma Jewellery, Ashleigh and Burwood, Inis Fragrance to name but a few. Secure online payment with free delivery. Contact on 07946 404492, via Facebook, by email to occasionthirsk@btconnect.com, or online at

Kristinas, Thirsk
Home delivery of ethically made products including Bamboo toothbrushes, Yorkshire made soap, Yorkshire made chocolate, personalised signs and more.

Also, a beautiful children's range including organic cotton Frugi clothing, wooden toys, baby rattles, sleeping bags and so much more.

There is a refill section and, although at the moment cannot refill, they will supply pre-filled bottles of washing up liquid, shampoo, laundry liquid etc. Also washing powder, dishwasher tablets etc.

Delivery is to your door in the Thirsk and Ripon areas adhering to safe distance rules and contactless payment, or by post. Email your order and phone number to kristinas@hotmail.co.uk or see Facebook page www.facebook.com/KristinasThirsk

Ewe and Yarn
Wool & craft deliveries.
01845 527978, www.eweandyarn.co.uk

Crafts of Thirsk
Wool & craft deliveries.
07979 157243, craftsofthirsk@aol.com

Alina Florist, Thirsk
Deliver fresh flowers and plants. Send flowers to loved ones and friends or to yourself to brighten lives in these difficult times. The delivery area is wide, covering Rawcliffe to Darlington and Ripon to Helmsley. You can order by phone to 01845 574410 or online

Community resources

Local & Tourist Information
Thirsk's information centre is there to help you with any kind of question, whether you are local or not. Despite the lockdown we are answering the phone 10am-4pm every day except Sundays. Please call 01845 522755 or email info@VisitThirsk.org.uk or visit us at www.VisitThirsk.org.uk.
To receive your own weekly copy of 'Local Events' go to


Community Works, Thirsk
is the merger between The Clock and Thirsk Community Care.
The advice to anyone self-isolating is to ask for help from family, friends, neighbours and trusted local groups. For anyone who doesn’t have someone they can call on for help and lives in Thirsk or one of its villages, please ring Community Works on 01845 523115 for help.
If you would like to register with Community Works as a volunteer please call 01845 524494 during office hours.


Hambleton Community Action, Northallerton
If you have no other means of support such as family, friends or neighbours
Tel: 01609 780458 or see


Hambleton District Council’s homelessness service: 01609 779977.


Covid-19 advice: 111.nhs.uk/service/COVID-19.
If the above website tells you to do so, or you do not have Internet access, then telephone 111.


Emergency Services
Police: 101, Emergency only: 999


Local radio
Minster FM
Listen on the radio at 102.3, 103.5 & 104.7FM, on DAB, online at minsterfm.com, via mobile apps or on smart speakers.
BBC Radio York
Listen on the radio at 95.5, 103.7, 104.3FM, on DAB, online at www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_york or on the BBC Sounds mobile app.


Domestic Abuse
Guidance and support for potential victims (also those worried about friends and loved ones): www.nationaldahelpline.org.uk or call for free and in confidence, 24 hours a day, on 0808 2000 247.
In an emergency with immediate danger, call 999. If you are in danger and unable to talk on the phone, call 999 and then press 55. This will transfer your call to the police who will assist you without you having to speak.


Pet welfare
Blue Cross: 0300 777 1540.

Local opening times

Tesco, Station Road
Mon-Sat: 8am-10pm, Sun: 10am-4pm.
Priority for:
Elderly & Vulnerable people: Mon, Wed & Fri 9-10am.
NHS workers: Tue, Thu & Sat 9-10am.
All the time:
care workers, NHS and emergency services will be invited to come to the front of the queue.

Cooperative, Market Place
Mon-Sat: 7am-10pm, Sun: 11am-5pm
Priority for:
Elderly & Vulnerable people,
NHS workers and Carers: Mon-Sat 8-9pm, Sun 10-11am.

Aldi, Topcliffe Road
Mon-Sat: 8am-10pm, Sun: 10am-4pm.

Lidl, Station Road
Mon-Sat: 8am-8pm, Sun: 10am-4pm.

Heron, Market Place
Mon-Sat: 8am-6pm, Sun: 10am-5pm.

Nisa, Long Street
Mon-Sun: 7am-10pm.

Boots pharmacy, Market Place
Mon-Sat: 9am-5.30pm,
Sun: Closed.

Boots pharmacy, Chapel Street
Mond-Fri: 8.30am-6.30pm (closed noon-1pm), Sat & Sun: Closed.

Tesco Pharmacy
Mon: 8am-10.30pm, Tue-Sat: 6.30am-10.30pm, Sun: 10am-4pm.

Thirsk Post Office
In Cooperative Supermarket
Mon-Sat: 7am-10pm, Sun: 11am-5pm.

Carlton Miniott Post Office
near Thirsk Station
Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm, Sat: 7am-5pm, Sun: 8am-noon.

Topcliffe Post Office
Long Street
Mon-Fri: 7.30am-2pm, Sat 7am-11.30am, Sun: closed.